Working Remotely – Making Sure You Can Still Work Outside of the Office

Business is a 24 hour a day event these days, with most business owners very rarely getting a break from working. The recession has really hit firms hard meaning that you have to fight for the jobs, contracts and services at every given opportunity, so working when you are on a train or making calls when you are travelling is now part of the way most businesses worse.

Below, we look at the things you need to make sure you have if you want to effectively and efficiently work on the go.

Mobile Phone – If you want to work outside of the office, then having a mobile phone with a decent lasting battery is a must! If people can not get in contact with you then you could be losing business every hour that you are away from the office, so it is worth investing in a reliable mobile phone that works in the majority of the areas you will be covering, so do check the area coverage of your mobile phone provider to make sure you will always be contactable and not miss calls due to signal failure.

Hands Free Kit – If you are doing a lot of driving then you can be making and taking calls on the go, meaning you can clear some of your work load before you even step into the office or through your front door. Using a mobile phone when driving is now illegal in the UK and carries a fine and penalty points on your license, so make sure that you invest in a legal hands free solution, most notably a Bluetooth headset will probably be the one for you.

Mobile Email – The majority of businesses now rely heavily on emails, with most of the communication both internally and externally now being done via this method. Therefore, it is vital that you are able to access your email, whether this is via your phone or on your computer. Sometimes is well worth getting a Blackberry or similar, so that you can receive and send emails on the go, which can help with time demands and clearing your workload on the move. 오피

Decent Laptop – There is nothing worse than working on an old laptop, with no battery and programs that keep crashing, as you wouldn’t want your staff in your office working on something like that, so why should you. You can buy excellent laptops for around £400 or less, meaning that you can have the latest technology, which will be reliable and up to date and will help you to be far more productive on the move and when working away from the office.