Paleo Foods for the Caveman Diet

Genetically speaking we humans are still 99.9% of the same make up as the caveman. Surely this is reason enough for us to consider the caveman diets. We are aware that the caveman did not suffer from modern disease, i.e. cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis and the like, and this can undoubtedly be accounted to the caveman’s diet. The caveman diet of course being Paleo foods – foods of the Palaeolithic era, i.e. caveman days.

A diet of Paleo foods is totally grain and dairy free. It consists of approximately 60-70% protein from meat of all kinds and 30-40% fresh fruit, vegetables, berries and nuts. Fresh, organic and wild foods being the ideal option. It really is worth the trouble to source naturally produced foods as one’s body really should not have to expend energy sorting out and trying to eliminate chemicals and unwanted toxins. We need our body to maximise the absorption of needed nutrients in order to function at peak performance without unnecessary stress of having to deal with toxins.

By not having to deal with toxins your body will speed up your metabolism, resulting in increased energy levels; enhanced health and encourage a feeling of general happiness and well being. Besides all this eating Paleo foods is a healthy way to boost your immune system and speed up your body’s ability to burn unwanted fat. By embracing this diet you are eating the caveman diet, the very first diet intended and designed for your body by the very power that created us

Hunter/gatherer is a more modern perception of the caveman lifestyle. Indigenous people of the Palaeolithic era are known to have been slim, fit and muscular with no signs or symptoms of chronic diseases that are currently  russian food store plaguing our modern-day lifestyle.

By adopting the caveman diet your body will naturally obtain all that is required for optimum function and any craving of sugary, fatty, stodgy foods will disappear, as a result you will immediately see a difference in your body (weight loss) and feel the difference. The caveman diet of Paleo foods is a DIY diet that accommodates your personal taste, creativity and imagination to grow and be appreciated. You will enjoy the freedom of wholly natural, tasty and wholesome foods and there is no limit to your menu other than no grain and no dairy. There is more than enough food choice for all regular three meals of the day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks and celebratory meals for any occasion, including dessert!

Caveman diet foods were chemical free. The animals (meat source) roamed free, vegetables and fruit grew free of insecticides, etc., as well as being seasonal. If your local supermarket does not provide an adequate variety of natural foods, source local farmers’ markets, farm stalls and even consider planting some of your own. Putting in the extra effort to obtain natural food is well worth it – it affords you the opportunity to making and keeping your body in prime health. Besides being healthier by being chemical free, natural/organic foods have a taste that we have nearly forgotten and soon your taste buds will light up with glee remembering how good food should taste. Meals will be far more appetising and before long you are craving good healthy foods.